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chase_kutner's Journal

Chase/Kutner: Because Forgotten Boys Need Love Too
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Because Forgotten Boys Need Love Too: A Chase/Kuter lj community for all for Chase/Kutner needs
Welcome to chase_kutner! Home to the wonderful, but random paring of Chase/Kutner.

So let's set a few ground rules:

1) Everything thing here is for the discussion Chase/Kutner, other paring are allowed (in fanfic) but only if there is Chase/Kutner as a paring.

2) Fanfic, talking, graphics, crazy ass speculation, anything is welcome here.

3) Please keep long posts of icons, graphics, and stories under an lj cut.

4) If you do post fic, please, please try to make it so the grammar at least makes sense with in the context of the human language.

5) And finally please be kind to others, we are not here to start ship wars or to create fights, this is a place for well though out conversations not long heated arguments, you want to disagree with someone in a way that is not so nice? Fine, but do it in the privacy of your PM box, don't bring it here. Thanks.